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Coffee Infused Eye Serum

Home Skin Care Facial Serum

Sizes Available : 15ml

Price : Rs. 550

In stock

About :

Coffee Infused Eye Serum


Why should you buy it:


If Brighter, Smoother & Wrinkle Free Eyes are your goal, score this. Our Coffee infused Eye Serum helps reduce puffiness while brightening the eye area while also smoothening fine lines.

It also Prevents crows feet.

It reduces dark circles and promotes blood circulation. 




Sweet Almond Oil: Helps even out pigmentation and lighten the eye area. Stimulates collagen production preventing fine lines. 


Granulated Coffee: The Caffeine in the Coffee Granulates help de-puff and lighten the eye area. Helps shrink eye-bags and also lightens dark circles. 


Chamomile: Helps reduce swelling around the eyes (eyebags) and calm the eye contour. 


Sandalwood Oil: Stimulates blood flow and helps heal fine lines. 


Other Ingredients:


Also contains Lemon and frankincense 




Apply 1 drop on the under eye area and massage gently. Let it soak in overnight and wake up to fresh and soft under eyes. Helps with eye bags and de-puffs overnight.

Expiry Date:


1 yr from the date of Manufacturing.