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Aloe Vera Moisturizing and Soothing Gel

Home Skin Care Cream and Moisturizer

Sizes Available : 100gms

Price : Rs. 300

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About :

Glam Aroma Aloevera moisturising and soothing gel

Why you need it:

One of our power packed products that is absolute must for both Skin & Hair care.

Helps soothe irritated skin as well as helps promote hair growth and reduce dandruff.

Helps improve skin texture as well as targets flaky scalp.

A very potent power packed remedy for insect bites, sunburn and Acne !


The most important feature of our Aloevera Gel : NO ADDED COLOUR OR FRAGRANCES.


What you want is exactly what you get !


•Prevents premature ageing.

•Helps soothe irritated skin.

•Helps treat sunburn.

•Helps hydrate the skin.

•Promotes hair growth

•Helps treat flaky scalp while also conditioning the scalp.

•Provides relief from Rosacea.



Aloevera: A power packed ingredient that helps treat most minor skin aliments as well promote hair growth and conditions the scalp.



Can be used as a daily moisturiser for skin or after shave lotion. Can also be used as a natural makeup remover.

Use it as an overnight mask by mixing in a few drops of essential oil and leave it overnight.

For a DIY scrub, mix in some brown sugar and rub in circular motions.

Can be used as a hair mask to treat flaky scalp , apply on to the scalp and rinse off with mild shampoo after 30 minutes.


Expiry Date:

6 months from the date of Manufacturing.