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Neem Water

Home Skin Care Facial Cleansers and Toners

Sizes Available : 100ml

Price : Rs. 550

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About :

GlamAroma Neem Steam Distilled Water. 

Introducing a phenomenal product that has never been done before previously. 

•Distilled water being the purest and cleanest type of water helps detoxify and cleanse your body when consumed. 

We at GlamAroma taking that into consideration have incorporated neem into it making it a very potent skincare and haircare potion.

This Skin tonic will be your skin’s absolute saviour this dry season especially if you are Acne prone and Sensitive. Making it the perfect product for Acne prone skin and pimples. Neem being the potent ingredient helps heal and prevent further infections and breakouts while also lightening belmishes and helps heal scars faster. Also helps with Other skin ailments and infections like Ringworm. Neem water  also can greatly help your scalp by preventing flaky scalp and dryness and also lice. 
•Cleanses & purifies the skin. 
•Heals Acne & Pimples. 
•Prevents further breakouts. 
• Prevents further infections. 
•Heals scars & blemishes. 
•Repairs skin. 
•Provides Relief from skin ailments like ringworms. 
•Prevents Dry Scalp and Lice. 


Apply The Neem Steam Distilled water allover the face using a damp piece of cotton and apply another layer using the damp cotton on infected areas. Repeat thrice or twice a day for faster and better results.

Expiry Date:

6 months after date of manufacturing