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Get Set Bright (Basic Tan & Pigmentation Kit)

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A kit curated for your pigmentations and anti-tan needs. This kit includes all of our popular De-tanning  products.

🌼The Milk & Turmeric Facewash:

The first step to healthy and revived skin ! A gentle blend of skin cleansing and skin reviving formulation that guarantees a brighter complexion with every use ! A blend of skin hydrating and skin enriching ingredients that gently cleanse and make the skin healthy looking !

Targets getting rid of tan and brightening the complexion. Formulated specifically for dull and dry skin. Can be used by all skintype.

• Gentle on the skin.
• Doesn’t strip off natural oils from the skin.
• Revives Dull skin.
• Makes the skin healthy looking.
• Brightens Complexion.
• Helps get rid of Tan.
• Suitable for all skin type.

🌼Milk & Turmeric Scrub:

A gentle and skin reviving experience. A gentle blend of ingredients that target tan and brightens the complexion with every use ! A gentle exfoliant that helps get rid of tan and also prevent acne.

•Suitable for all skintype.
• Gentle exfoliation.
• Helps get rid of tan.
• Brightens complexion.
• Evens out skintone.
• Helps improve skin texture.

🌼Milk & Turmeric Mask:

The perfect blend of ingredients that helps tone and nourish the skin. This mask helps even out the skin tone and excellent for people that prone to tanning. Along with brightening the complexion this mask helps nourish the skin and also fade scars and blemishes caused due to acne.


• Nourishes the skin.
• Helps get rid of tan.
• Brightens complexion.
• Controls production of melanin.
• Evens out skintone.
• Helps with hyperpigmentation.
• Helps fade scars and blemishes.

🌼Pigment Clear Serum

A potent blend of skin enriching ingredients like Argan Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E, Rosehip seed, Lemon & Sandalwood Oil that helps tackle pigmentation and brighten the skin by deeply repairing the skin.


•Helps with pigmentation & hyperpigmentation.
• Controls production of melanin.
•Helps lighten blemishes and dark spots.
•Repairs the skin by healing scars.
•Brightens and evens out skintone.  

🌼Gojiberry + Carrot seed Sunscreen

A hybrid between Skincare and Protection. A skin enriching blend that also provides an Spf Protection of 30+ while also reversing signs of ageing.


•Lightweight formulation.
•Matte and non-comedogenic.  
•Doesn’t leave a white-cast behind.
•Works great underneath makeup.
•Can be used as a moisturizer.