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Milk and Turmeric Detan Mask

Home Skin Care Mask and Scrub

Sizes Available : 100gms

Price : Rs. 599

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Milk and Turmeric Detan Mask 

A magical whip of ingredients backed by ancient Ayurveda that helps brighten, renew and treat your dull skin woes. A combination of ingredients influenced by Ayurveda that helps even out skin tone, detan, rejuvenate & nourish the skin.  A one step product to glowing and brighter skin. Now solve all your dull skin woes within 15 minutes.


•Brightens the skin. 
•Gets rid of tan. 
•Helps treat Pigmentation. 
•Soothes the skin. 
•Treat Acne. 
•Prevent Breakouts. 
•Nourishes the dry skin.
•Balances the Sebum Production. 
•Makes the skin Glowy and purifies it.
•Suitable for all skintypes.  

Directions:  Apply Milk and Turmeric Brightening Facepack all over your face and neck after cleansing. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Use twice a week for better and faster results.