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Pumpkin Skin Renewal Facepack

Home Skin Care Mask and Scrub

Sizes Available : 100gms

Price : Rs. 599

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Pumpkin Renewal Facepack  

Experience the absolute Joy of Natural and Effective Skincare with the new Pumpkin Skin Renewal Facepack. A power packed Face Rejuvenating Face Mask with ingredients Suitable for all skin types that helps revive dull and lifeless skin from the first use!  Tackles Skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation alongwith detoxification + purification of the skin.    The special blend of ingredients helps cleanse + rejuvenate and repair the skin. Zap any active Zits and pimples and prevent any further breakouts or skin infections. Now experience hydration, noirishment, brightening + lightening and experience Glowy radiant skin with this multitasking Power Pack!  


•Revives Dull and Lifeless skin. 
•Makes the Skin super Healthy and glowy.
 •Brightens the skin. 
• Lightens and helps with hyperpigmentation. 
•Cleanses and Prevents Acne. 
•Heals Scars and Repairs the skin.  


Apply an adequate amount of the Face Pack on Cleansed skin and let it sit for atleast 20 minutes before washing off. Use atleast twice a week for better, faster & consistent results.