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Black Obsidian

Home Skin Care Crystal Rollers

Sizes Available : 1 pc

Price : Rs. 1299

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About :

Black obsidian is a very powerful stone that helps ward off negativity. A very strong protection stone that guards your energy and psychic abilities. These stones also stimulate and enhance your abilities and intuitions. Black Obsidian helps with healing and grounding of emotions. Mainly helps release negative energy and keeps you grounded. 

Why you should choose Black Obsidian:

•Black Obsidian is especially great for combination skin leaning more towards the oily side. 
•Black Obsidian helps clear out negativity, if you’ve been feeling stressed or negative we recommend choosing a black Obsidian to protect yourself and your energy. 
•For someone with high level of stress related to work or life. 
•Black Obsidian helps calm,relax and protect the skin. 
•It boosts collagen production in the skin and helps rejuvenate the skin.