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Coconut Vanilla Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer

Home Skin Care Cream and Moisturizer

Sizes Available : 200ml | 500ml

Price : Rs. 399 | Rs. 699

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About :

A luscious treat for the skin and nose for the season! 

Presenting you the newest Addition to Our Skincare Line ! 
Perfect for the season, we are bringing you two excotic ingredients and scents combined to keep you and your skin feeling fresh all day long ! 
We have taken special care to formulate a product that can be used both on the facial skin and body skin. A non-greasy light weight formula that is super hydrating. 
The Vanilla helps treat and soothe the skin and mind due to the fragrance. While making the skin softer and supple while the coconut is already an excellent moisturising ingredient on its own ! 
A two in one right for the season. Also Suitable for all skin types !

The perfect scent that will perk your senses along with your skin

•Skin enriching and Nourishing Moisturiser for the skin. 
•Suitable for all skin types. 
•Can be used on Facial skin as well as on the Body. 
•Light weight Non-greasy Formula. 
•Sinks Deep into the Skin and doesn’t leave a Tacky feel. 
•Extremely Hydrating. 
•Doesn’t leave the skin oily. 
•Perfect Moisturiser to Prep the skin before makeup . 


Coconut: Helps smoothen and hydrate the skin while Nourishing it deeply. Slows down ageing while repairing the skin. 

Vanilla: Helps slow down signs of ageing while sootheing the skin and mind. 

How to use:

Apply an adequate amount of moisturiser onto dry cleansed and toned face allow it to soak in before pairing it with your favourite sunscreen or makeup. 
Apply as required to the body skin. For Dry & Flaky skin apply twice a day for better results.