The UI/UX Process

UI/UX is a field that is receiving a lot of attention recently and despite all the confusion surrounding it, there is actually a well-defined process that can be followed to design beautiful user experiences. Let’s take a look!

Step 1 : Understand

Getting into the user’s shoes before making anything for them is the most fundamental task in the UI/UX Process.

It is very important to understand who the user is, in addition to how they will be using your product which ultimately gives us insights into how best to cater it for them.

Step 2 : Research

After getting a solid understanding of who the product is targeted for and how it will be used, the next step is to perform a comprehensive research on the existing products in the market.

This research is primarily done to get an idea of how the competitors are designing their products and how we can incorporate or improve on the same.

Step 3 : Sketch

Now that we know exactly what the product will be about, it makes sense to simply sketch the entire flow in one place. The sketches contain flowcharts, ideas, user flows, etc.

This is typically done on Adobe XD or Sketch, both of them being the most popular UX tools for Windows and MacOS respectively.

Step 4 : Design

After the rough sketches are finalised, the next task is to decide on a colour palette and start designing the sketches in order to design what is referred to as a prototype, which is a working wireframe.

Ideally this should be built on top of the sketch and hence the same tools can be used for this purpose as well.

Step 5 : Implement

If you consider UI/UX as a product development process, then this is the part where you write some code and actually develop the product.

Companies typically have a separate development team who carries out this step and the UI/UX designers simply provide the final wireframe as an input for this step.

Step 6 : Evaluate

At no point of time will a designer tell you that this product cannot be improved further. All the UI/UX Designers work with this mindset that the design can always be improved, which is what makes this process very exciting!

The final step is to keep evaluating and making continuous improvements to the product.

I have attended several UI/UX talks given by designers working in Swiggy, Dunzo, etc and one of the things I loved the most was the number of design alternatives these guys develop for testing a particular design. For instance, the Restaurant Display Menu that we see in the Swiggy App had over 15 different alternate versions out of which one version is chosen for a given time period and they keep testing and improving all these alternatives all the time!

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Written by Aquib Ajani for Tabdeel Studios

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