Choosing the right kind of website for your business

It has become mandatory for every business, no matter how big or small, to have a website. It showcases what they do, their products, services, etc. If you already run a business or plan to start one, choosing the right kind of website for your business is very important. Let’s take a brief look at the various types of websites out there!

There are more than 1.7 Billion websites out there. This gives us a LOT of resources to look at but also poses a unique challenge for us. We need to differentiate our website and create a unique identity for our brand. As a business owner or a future entrepreneur, you need to be aware of the major categories of websites out there and where does your business fit in.

Here are the 5 major types of websites :

1. One Page Websites

(Homepage / Startup Website / Product Page / Landing Page)

One Page websites are gaining popularity because of the ease of development and maintenance. Like the name suggests, One Page websites have all the content on a single page. The typical sections include a Header, a list of Products/Services, a call-to-action section, Customer Testimonials section, a Team Section, an About Us section and a Contact Us section followed by a Footer with Copyright information.

When to use a One Page Website?

If your primary product or service isn’t a website or a web-app, you should consider using a One Page Website. It could be an App, a Delivery Service or a Physical service like a Printing Press. In all such cases where the purpose of the website is to simply inform the user about a specific App/Service, One Page Websites work best.

One Page Website Development

One Page Website Development

What’s included :

  • Fully Responsive Mobile Website (upto 7 sections)
  • Domain, Hosting and SSL
  • Maintenance Support

2. Multi-Page Websites

(Business Website)

A Business Website, or a Multi-Page Website, as the name suggests, is composed of at least 2 web pages. These websites are meant for large organisations. A standard business website has about 7 pages, including a Home page, a Our Work/Products/Services page, a Contact Us Page, a Work With Us page along with additional pages for Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions etc.

When to use a Multi-Page Website?

If you are an existing offline business planning to expand online, consider a Multi-Page Website. If your business involves more than two products or services, you should definitely go for a Multi-page website.

Multi-Page Website Development

What’s included :

  • Fully Responsive Mobile Website (upto 7 pages)
  • Domain, Hosting and SSL
  • Maintenance Support

3. E-Commerce Websites

(Online Store / Shopping Website)

E-commerce websites need no introduction. They have become so common and relevant in our day-to-day life. I am certain every single one of us has ordered at least one product from a website Amazon, Dominos or Myntra. Technically, all websites that sell goods online fall under this category. It could be a physical good or something you could use online, like Call of Duty Game Mods, etc. E-Commerce websites are also Multi-Page Websites by default. In addition to the standard pages, E-Commerce websites usually have individual pages for every product/commodity, a Login/Register page, a Cart Page and a Checkout Page connected to some kind of a Payment Gateway. They also have a User Profile where users can go and view their transactions, track their orders, contact support and more.

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When to use an E-Commerce Website?

If you want to start selling products online and want to have complete control on how things work, you should go for an E-Commerce website. A lot of resellers choose to sell their products on existing platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. However, if you want to keep 100% of the profits your make and if you are confident about targeting the right people and selling them the right products, a custom E-Commerce website will work in your favour.

E-Commerce Website Development

What’s included :

  • Fully Responsive Mobile Website (upto 7 pages)
  • Master Admin Panel
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Domain, Hosting and SSL
  • Maintenance Support

4. Blogs

With the growth of Social Media, online blogs have seen a tremendous growth as well. Because of the ease of reaching more people on Instagram and other social networks, a lot of people, including businesses, are starting their own blogs. Take this very blog post for instance. As a business, we believe it is crucial to provide constant value to both our existing clients and also our potential clients, who might read this post. Blogs are mostly about a specific topic or domain, and are meant to provide the visitors with some knowledge about the topic. Blogs are also typically used to advertise products or services through what is now known as ‘content marketing’.

When to use a Blog?

If you are an individual who likes to write, a Blog is the perfect place for you to showcase your skills. If you are a business who deals with a lot of different clients, Blogs provide a brilliant opportunity to expand your client pool and tap into more regions and areas to expand your services.

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However, it is recommended that your Blog provides significant value and is thus advised that you write about a particular domain or topic only. For instance, our Blog deals with Technology as a domain with Design and Development as primary focus areas.

WordPress Blog Development

What’s included :

  • Fully Responsive Mobile Website (upto 4 pages)
  • Automated Blog Posting and Scheduling
  • Domain, Hosting and SSL
  • Maintenance Support

5. Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites have become increasingly common for artists. Photographers, painters, video editors or even graphic designers showcase their work on a personal Portfolio Website. These websites are meant to reflect the artist’s personality. They contain work samples along with contact information.

When to use a Portfolio Website?

If you are an artist or if you work involves a lot of pictures that your clients need to see before signing you up for a project, portfolio website is for you. Make sure it reflects your unique style.

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Also, talk about your though process along with the work samples. How you arrive at a certain design idea is often more important to clients as opposed to the final design itself.

Portfolio Website Development

What’s included :

  • Fully Responsive Mobile Website (upto 4 pages)
  • Customised Page Design
  • Domain, Hosting and SSL
  • Maintenance Support

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, choosing the right kind of website can make a lot of difference. It will significantly affect business expenses, time spent by the IT team as well as the Design and Content teams. Take some time to go through all categories and make the right choice!

Written by Aquib Ajani for Tabdeel Studios

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