3 reasons why you need a ChatBot on your website

Everything needs to be revolutionized with time, and with businesses shifting online now, it’s time for the customer service industry to take the leap of faith. Customers are a company’s bloodline. With customers come questions, confusions, and queries. A normal human being cannot handle and answer everything but a ChatBot definitely can!

A chatbot can be described as one of the most advanced source of interaction between humans and machines. It initiates a friendly conversation with the user based on some action that they perform on the website, like a button click, or scroll, and then assists them further.

What exactly is a chatbot?

A computer program or software technology which can have real-time conversations, answer questions and suggest solutions is typically referred to as a chatbot. Users communicate with a chatbot using a chat interface or via voice, just like they would converse with another person. Chatbot excel at giving pre-set answers to properly curated questions.

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Now are a few examples of voice-based chatbots.

Things to keep in mind while developing a bot?

  • Chatbot is made with an intention of giving a more personal experience. The chatbot should be visible on the home screen itself.
  • The questions mentioned should be upfront and answers given shouldn’t be misleading in any way.
  • The design of the bot paves the way of smooth functioning.
  • Chatbot can answer only with the pre-set questions, it works according to a code and will require manual help for other questions.

Which businesses need a Chatbot?

Do you really never need an excuse to upgrade your business? Modern technologies are efficient in cutting down time and cost, in ways the traditional approaches can’t. There are numerous examples of companies which used the bots in the best way possible to get a step ahead of others in their respective fields. Some businesses which can use a chatbot are mentioned below :

  • Real estate.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Gyms
  • Beauty industry
  • Hotels and resorts

Reasons to use a chatbot?

  1. Interaction and clarity.
    Chatbot provides a better way of interaction with users. There are many similar questions which causes confusion that users generally ask. These can be managed very easily with a chatbot. It shows specific information at a time, however the interaction gets advanced with a user based input. Simple and point-to-point answers reduces the chance of creating doubts which lead to a satisfactory interaction.
  2. No limitations.
    The more you interact with your customers the more you get a chance to maintain a bond with them. It is humanly impossible to handle a lot of conversations with different people at the same time but that’s not the case with a chatbot. A chatbot has upper hand over humans which not only cuts human resources cost, but also provides the most efficient services with no limitation of time and place.
  3. Easy to use, efficient and cheap.
    Customer’s find it more comfortable to communicate with a bot as they can ask as many questions as they want until they are satisfied. The answers provided are always to the point and on time. What can be better than no delay in getting all your doubts clear? Setting up a chatbot doesn’t take a lot of time. It is a one time investment which improves over time and it certainly isn’t expensive.

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There is no correct time to upgrade your business and provide the customers what they are exactly looking for. User satisfaction is the divine conclusion and there shouldn’t be any delay in that. With time customers are becoming smart and look for quick and accurate responses, chabots can really help you create a bond with users and achieve the goal of providing a better experience.

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